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Environment, Health and Safety Statement

Promax is committed to provide services and products to its clients at the highest attainable standard of safefty and environment protection for its employees, contractors, visitors and other interested parties throughout all areas of its activities, in accordance with client expectations, demands and schedules, providing flexible performance and quick reactions to changes and meeting the quality requirements defines in standards and specifications.

Promax will comply with applicable environmental, health and safety laws, directives, regulations and other requirements as a baseline for doing business, not as a goal. We believe compliance is owned by all employees, and will monitor such compliance through regular self-assessments and audits of our operations, take corrective actions as warranted, and include compliance sustainablity as a routine part of operations. We will periodically identify those aspects of our operations on a local level which have the most significant environmental, health and safety impact, and establish objectives and targets for continuous improvement in these areas. In particular, we will work to advance the following aspects within our operations:

  • Considering sustainability in the development and adoption of site operations and practices.
  • Minimizing the generation of solid and hazardous waste and recycling wastes where feasible.
  • Optimizing energy and resource use with a goal of reducing green house gas emissions.
  • Communicating each employee's ownership of ensuring safe practices and conditions.
  • Reducing workplace injuries and incidents.
  • Reducing ergonomic and manual handling risks in the workplace.
  • Reducing physical and natureal disaster risks.


To be the preferred source of project management services and products while building an enduring, innovative and successful organization.


To provide quality project supervision and workmanship through recruitment, training and systems support and To be the most trusted, respected and preferred brand for electrical equipment that finds applicationin power generation and distribution and To foster a corporate culture where our employees have a safe, respectful and rewarding work environment To deliver projects on schedule and on budget To maximize the utilization of resources To seek business opportunities that optimize our multi-disciplinary capabilities.

Environmental, health and safety targets and objectives will be set by top management, communicated to employees, measured and tracked on a regular basis, and revised as needed to reflect current conditions. In order to facilitate this, Promax will provide appropriate training and resources for employees to use responsible environmental, health and safety practices.

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